An open letter to a report from

February 15, 2014

An open letter:

I just read the report,  while it is thorough and comprehensive, it is sometimes way off the mark. Innovation and job growth, expansion of our exports is all great, but one point makes me upset:

“universities and the Nova Scotia Community College as foundations for future economic growth in the province. The Commission believes there is even greater potential for these vitally important institutions to bring their immense institutional capacities to bear on the economic, social and cultural development needs of the province. In doing so, we believe the post-secondary” p59

Now or Never - the report

Now or Never – the report, my take on it

This is truly BS. They are not innovating (well, maybe very slowly?). They cannot be the drivers of growth. They are not the foundation either. From a basic Econ Courses we teach in first year business we know that high taxes, high gov’t involvement – does the exact opposite of growth and innovation. It is not the way. WTF?

If you talk to any of the private training and education companies around Halifax including mine: Think Business Training? you will find that we compete directly with the Provincial Goverment – giving away free skills training to businesses – because these skills were not taught in our schools. What a waste.

The local universities as well as the NS Community College all are attempting to get a bigger piece of the after Post Secondary market too. If you did not do a good enough job while you had the students paying for their education why do you think you can do a better job after they graduate and are at a workplace?

You (universities and NSCC) should take a look at the skills being taught, the curriculum of you programs, and provide the skills while they are in school. The waste is atrocious!

Most recently we found ourselves competing with the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. Through WIPSI  the Chamber has come up with the idea that they are providing a great service to their members by funneling these grants into the pockets of the very few service providers who are “friends” of the Chamber. I say friends, they really are “founding members” of the All Ships Rise program invented to take advantage of the WIPSI program funds.

Think Business Training

Think Business Training

What is actually happening is more of the same. Many people are being put into inappropriate programs, with no regard to their true needs for training, via these grants. The program is promoted as free training and the companies are taking advantage of it. Or are they being taken advantage of? While I agree that some free training is better than no training, I am not sure the money is being well spent.

When asked if the training is making a difference, the answer is “we do not know”. So another waste of time and money…hmmm…all the while they are taking the grant money off the table, and taking the training time away from companies who might be able to innovate, and grow and deliver an ROI for the training dollars.

Training can be an export business, it can create jobs, but not if the small business growth opportunities have to compete with the province and the provincially funded institutions. It’s just more of the same, lining the pockets of the few, and providing no ROI for the people it was designed to help. Nice try….

I see absolutely no innovation coming from these organizations. They are are using their resources (big budgets compared to most companies) to supply basic training to the people working in companies who were already “let down” with inadequate training and education while they were going through the very education system that the province supplied them with our tax payers money in the first place.

High school did not prepare them, a lot of the university and trade programs did not adequately prepare them. Why do you (Gov’t?, universities?, NSCC?, Chamber?) think you can do better? By taking the money out of the marketplace and continue to deliver the same training the same way we have been delivering education for the last 100 years.

As an active member of the business community I appreciate you getting all of our young people ready for a world that exists no longer.

I really appreciate competing with you in an industry that needs to change to be better, and compete globally.

Thank you for taking 80% of the market and put it back into the very system that sucks!


I Love Donald Trump

December 12, 2013

If there is one quote that I think about on a constant basis it is this one:

If you’re going to be thinking anyway, think Big!

Of course the reason why I think about this is two fold.

1. It’s a great inspirational quote from a man who has seen some downs (really low if you’ve read anything about him) as well as some highs.  I also like the Apprentice for so many reasons.

Think Big Trump Poster

Think Big Trump Poster

2. There is a poster next to my desk in my house that has it portrayed with a great kid.  This poster reeks of potential, as well as has a great big brand image front and center.

This lead to one more stray thought in a response to an email that I sent out today, which is the basis of this post.

If you’re going to fantasize anyway, why not fantasize the positive.  We all have the habit of making up stories in our head about people at work, most times not so much in a flattering light.

Our boss, our customers, our co-workers, etc.  What if all of the stories you made up in your head were positive instead of negative?  How would your work life be?  How would your life be?  Would you have more happiness?

Another way of putting it:

If you’re going to make shit up, why not make great shit up!

You can quote me on that.

Your Amygdala

December 10, 2013

Your amygdala controls a lot of what we do when we find we are facing the unknown. This was very useful 10,000 years ago.

We, in modern society now face a series of chemical (emotional) reactions deep within our body (brain) that serves us no longer.  Because they are deep we do not notice them as much as we should, and as such we react in ways that are counterproductive for business and society.  We are holding ourselves back and as such, holding back the progress of the whole human race.

Victor Frankl Toronto

Victor Frankl Toronto

If you can start to notice these things, and start to ignore them (it is a lot easier for some than others, and it is a lot easier as you do it more often) we can make huge strides in our goals and dreams – quicker than we ever imagined.  Having a great big “WHY” that is outside of yourself can also assist in making sure the intention is intact as you go through your day with the proper attention.

Executing on your “next most important thing” is the hall mark of success and ignoring the amygdala cocktails is a great way to see what’s on the other side of the part of life we call work.  For most the other side presents “great things” and then of course “more challenges”.

Victor Frankl points to another angle on this fact in his explanation of the theory of Crabbing to students in Toronto which I believe is so true.

I have extrapolated this a bit as part of a working thoery of business.  This might be a stretch for some to see the disparate connection but here goes:

“If you give people too much to do and help them focus upon the ‘next most important thing’, they will either learn to ignore their tendencies to do unimportant things, or they will leave – either way they will learn a lot about themselves.  Both may be very therapeutic for them, and beneficial for the business and challenges ahead.”

RA – Halifax, NS

Is your business looking to have interna

August 21, 2013

Is your business looking to have internal resources do some of the core training? We have a program for you:

More than just using MS PowerPoint, it’

August 9, 2013

More than just using MS PowerPoint, it’s about how to design a presentation to engage the audience:

What level is your organizational learni

August 2, 2013

What level is your organizational learning at?

Google Analytics for Dot Net Nuke 7 (DNN7)

June 17, 2013


Login as your admin on your DNN7 web site.

From the menus >> Admin >> Advanced Settings >> Google Analytics

Add your UA tracking ID as seen here:


Click the update button and wait for people to search, visit and get tracked.

I have been using DotNetNuke since version 4 and recently, with the release of version 6 and 7 have really come to appreciate the depth of the application as a platform for running the web side of your business.  For more information check out: to download the free version, or visit my hosting website at to get a quote and see what we can do for you.

This is Broken

October 11, 2012


Small Rant:

Not sure if anyone has watched the Seth Godin video Broken. ( Well today, reminded me of this video. I am a small business owner and needed to finalize some paperwork for a past employee for employment insurance. Thought I had completed everything last week, found out I did not.

So I went back to the website and found out that the on-line application I was filling out for on-line access had to be printed and taken into a Service Canada location. So I hopped in the truck and drove into Dartmouth to take in my web application. I saw on the site that I needed two pieces of ID, so I took my wallet with me when I went in.So I wait in line, have to fill out the form again, in pen, b/c the on-line app does not get saved in their system, it is just for filling out and printing…go figure. So i fill it out, wait in line again and then the gal asks for my 2 pieces of ID, one with a picture ID. Well…I do not have the correct 2 pieces of ID, she has a printout, that is NOT on the website that dictates what pieces of ID they will accept, a lot of ID that no one would normally carry with them, passport, Birth Certificate, etc. I did have my driver’s licenses, picture ID- check, other ID, nope, nothing that fits her list.

The gal is really nice, and I could tell this was not her first time, she says that she, and others at the office, have requested that the list she has is put on the website b/c this has happened before. So home I trudge to get my Passport, so I can file some paper work, so I can get on with my day.

My profile in the Mingle magazine, a sma

February 8, 2012

My profile in the Mingle magazine, a small business publication.

Nice putt Alice…A Golf Story

January 23, 2012

Say you’re playing in a foursome with three of your buddies, when one of them lines up a putt, takes his stroke … and doesn’t even get the ball  to the hole. What do you say?

Well, one possibility is, "hit it, Alice !" Another is, "nice putt, Alice !" The derogatory " Alice " statement has been part of golf for decades. But who is Alice ? And what did she do to get immortalized in a golf insult that frequently follows a putt left short?

Contrary to one frequently offered explanation, this " Alice " has nothing to do with the Jackie Gleason sitcom The Honeymooners. Gleason was a golf fanatic, and his character on the show, Ralph Kramden, played golf, too. >> Ralph’s wife was named Alice . It’s a good guess, but the phrase does not refer to Alice Kramden.

It turns out that " Alice " isn’t a she at all. " Alice " is a he, and it’s not " Alice ," it’s "Alliss." As in Peter Alliss.
Peter Alliss is the famous English golf broadcaster, the voice of golf on the BBC for decades. But before he became internationally famous as a broadcaster, Alliss was famous in Britain and Europe as a touring pro. And a pretty good one, too: Alliss won 21 times on the precursor to the European Tour and played on eight Ryder Cup teams.

At the 1963 Ryder Cup in Atlanta , Alliss played Arnold Palmer and Tony Lema in back-to-back singles matches and won 1.5 points, halving with Lema and beating Palmer. At some point during his match against Palmer, Alliss – for whom putting was not a strength – badly missed a 3-foot putt. Someone in the gallery yelled out, "Nice putt, Alliss!" Alliss described that moment in a brief article in a 1997 issue of Sports Illustrated, and explained how the phrase became part of the golf lexicon:

The BBC, for whom I now do golf commentary, played a large part in burning the phrase into the public consciousness. I was never renowned for my putting and therefore was an easy – and frequent – target for the many comedy programs on the "Beeb," where great humor was found in such knee-slappers as "That girl Alliss sure hits it a long way."
So BBC programs of the early to mid-1960s liked to get punny with Alliss’ name and its homonym, the female monicker Alice . Ah, that good ol’ golf humor: questioning a man’s, well, manliness for leaving a putt short by calling him a woman’s name. They did it in the 1960s and they – ahem, we – still do it today.

Except that today, most golfers – most of those outside of Britain , anyway – have no idea that " Alice " is actually Peter Alliss. But now you do.

NOTE: Reprinted without permission and will be taken down if asked. Mainly because I love golf, and have no idea of the original author.


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