Emyth Master by Michael Gerber

In a recent discussion with a very successful entrepreneur about growth we landed on the topic of bottlenecks for business growth and I casually mentioned that they were the bottleneck. It struck a nerve.

A deeper discussion about whether it was true, whether feelings were hurt, and confusion about it was the order of the day.

In a follow up conversation I heard myself say (and it was as much to myself as it was to them) that:

  • Confusion is the work one has to go through to get clarity
  • Hurt comes from improper attribution of feelings to a moment in time
  • Hurt usually comes from the habit of feeling hurt when you perceive one is trying to hurt, even if that is not the case
  • Every small business owner is the bottleneck if the business is still small – else you would be on the path to 100% growth annually

The discussion continued back to a story Michael Gerber told me about two store owners back in the 70s who opened up shop in the same small town at about the same time.  The one owner ran it like a small business and in 20 years managed to eek out a decent living but put 80h weeks in to get by.  “Jim’s Retail”

The other company Gerber goes on to tell me about  grew to be one of the largest companies in the world.  Sam Walton was not the bottleneck.  He was the incendiary. Of course we are talking about WalMart.

Something to think about.  If your business is not 4x it’s size in the last 4-8 years then you need some help.

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One thought on “Entrepreneurism

  1. Interesting Randy! 🙂 I believe Entrepreneurs are made of a different mind set than most, naturally. Our egos can definitely get in the way of success…past and present examples surround us. When our businesses are criticized, we should be welcoming the comments and feedback as a way to improve, learn and make necessary changes, lol, but our egos can roar to life and block out valuable tools that others are giving to us for free!!! So yes, by times, we do bottleneck ourselves. It’s so important to be able to step back and gain the perspective that others view your business with. It is invaluable. Thanks for getting me thinking this morning! Cheers!

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